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Colleyville Garden Club

Colleyville Garden Club Named Texas Garden Club Of The Year


Colleyville Garden Club recently received the highest honor bestowed by Texas Garden Clubs, Inc. and was recently designated as "TGC Garden Club of the Year."  The award comes with a $200 check and trophy, both of which were presented to the club at the District II Spring Convention on May 10th.  In addition, CGC was also named "TGC Gold Garden Club of the Year," competing with other garden clubs across Texas who also have a gold rating (the highest of the 4 club-ratings under TGC.) The Gold Club of the Year award also came with a trophy and a check for $100.  These honors were determined by a point based system and earned for activities (programs, scholarships, workshops, and community service) submitted to Texas Garden Clubs, Inc. in 2022.


CGC won 17 "First Place" Awards from District II and was named "District II Gold Garden Club of the Year."  These awards then went on to Texas Garden Clubs, Inc. to be judged in competition with other garden clubs from across the state.  At state, CGC won 5 "First Place" awards and 1 "Second Place" award.  


CGC submitted 7 awards to the South Central Region, earning 3 "First Place Awards" in competition with garden clubs from the 4 states in our region.  One of those, 1st Place for the CGC newsletter, also earned the club a $75 award.


Seven of the awards earned from TGC were sent on to National Garden Clubs, Inc and competed against other garden clubs from across the entire United States.  CGC earned 5 "First Place" awards at the National level.


Both the current Texas Garden Clubs, Inc. President, Gwen DeWitt, and the incoming TGC President, Lee Taylor, attended the District I Spring Convention, held at the Colleyville Center.  This was the first time District II had the honor of hosting both current and incoming TGC Presidents, who were there to honor District II clubs and Colleyville Garden Club for their accomplishments.  Colleyville Garden Club hosted the Spring Convention and Sharon Swagerty, a member of the club, was installed as the Director for District II.  District II comprises 27 garden clubs from 23 counties in north Texas.  Ms. Swagerty will serve a two-year term.  There were 64 garden club members from the District in attendance at the convention.


A listing of awards submitted to District II, Texas Garden Clubs, South Central Region and National is outlined below:


COLLEYVILLE GC                               EXTRA LARGE GOLD CLUB

                                                                District Awards:

                                                                First Place:

                                                                TGC Community Concern

                                                                TGC Nov. Dec. Award

                                                                TGC Community Service

                                                                TGC Yearbook

                                                                TGC Yearbook Theme

                                                                TGC Backyard Wildlife Habitat

                                                                TGC Club History

                                                                MAE 2B Facebook

                                                                MAE 4B1 Newsletter

                                                                TGC Litter, Recycling/ Reclamation

                                                                G1 Container Gardening

                                                                G2A1 Edible Gardening

                                                                MAE 2A1 Website

                                                                MAE 1 Member Awareness

                                                                MAE 4G Membership Brochure

                                                                MAE 5  National Garden Week

                                                                DISTRICT GOLD GARDEN CLUB OF THE YEAR


                                                                TGC State Awards:

                                                                First Place:

                                                                Nov. Dec. Award

                                                                Community Concern

                                                                Community Service

                                                                Backyard Wildlife Habitat

                                                                Club History

                                                                Second Place:


                                                                Certificate for Contributions, Donations

      Citation for Membership increase of 6


 Awards Submission to So. Central Region:

Community Concerns, Protect Our Environment, Yearbook Theme, National Garden Week, Membership Brochure, Newsletter,  Container Gardening


First Place Protect Our Environment

First  Place Newsletter $75. Check

First Place MAE 4F1 Membership Brochure


Awards Submission to National Garden Clubs:

National Garden Week,  Edible Gardening, Container Gardening, Website, Membership Awareness , 4G Publication, MAE 2b1 Social Media

                                                                NATIONAL GC AWARD CERTIFICATES OF APPRECIATION:

                                                                Edible Gardening

                                                                Container Gardening

                                                                MAE 4B1 Publication

                                                                National Garden Week

                                                                Social Media

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