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Colleyville Garden Club

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

   The Colleyville Garden Club promotes all phases of gardening and welcomes those with similar interests. 

   Founded in 1961, CGC is a federated club, part of the National Garden Clubs, Inc, Texas Garden Clubs, Inc., and district and local councils.  CGC consists of the “be’s and the wannabe’s” of gardening.  We include Master Gardeners, beginners, and every kind of gardener in between.  Some of us have prize-winning gardens and others are beginning the journey to discover what will survive and thrive in our unique growing environment. 

   We have educational and entertaining programs, hands-on workshops, and inspiring and fun-filled excursions. We do several service projects to benefit the elderly as well as beautify our community. 

   Please join us. 


Partnership with

the City of Colleyville


It is with great pride that we work hand in hand with the city of Colleyville to enhance our city.

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